Craspire DIY Project--How To Make Natural Theme Mixed Wax Seal Stamps


Hello, my dear friends, welcome to Craspire project. Today we are going to share how to make mixed color wax seal stamp crafts with 25mm wax seal stamp head. In this tutorial, we use a moon pattern. Read more and start with Craspire!

Supplies Needed for This Project:

Brass stamp head

Tealight candle


Melting Spoon

Star Wax Seal Beads

Red Copper Peacock Metal Stamp Handle

Marble Pattern Ceramic Wax Seal Mat

Goldenrod Metallic Markers Paints Pens

Peru Painted Iron Wax Furnace

Step 1: Melt some wax

1.The first step is to light the candle with a lighter. Be careful to burn yourself.

2.Put the lighted candle under our Peru painted iron wax furnace.

3.Put white and green wax beads in the spoon.

4.Put the spoon on the furnace and heat it for a while to melt the wax beads. During the waiting time, we can assemble the brass stamp head and the handle.

Step 2: Complete a stamp

1.Pour the melted mixed wax on the wax seal mat. Be careful when you pour it. Let it form a circle.

2.Carefully press the metal brass stamp headon the melted wax.

3.After waiting for a few seconds, take the brass stamphead off and a beautiful green seal will be formed.

4.If you like obvious patterns, you can also use gold marker strokes. The effect is shown in the figure.

Our entire process is complete. Only the above-mentioned steps can form a natural-themed seal stamp. Is it very suitable for spring? Join us quickly.

 Thank you for watching! A hug from Craspire.



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