8PCS Wax Seal Warmer Melting Spoon Kit

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  • 8PCS WAX SEAL KITS INCLUDE: 1 x Wax Seal Melting Furnace in beech material, 1 x Melting Spoon, 3 x Wax Sticks, 2 x Coloring Pen, 1 x Heart Shape Tea Candle, the perfect set to provide you an one-stop solution for sealing wax seal stamp
  • FREE YOUR HANDS: It's very easy to use, just put spoon with wax seal beads or sticks on the furnace and heat the spoon to melt the wax before make the stamp mould
  • WOODEN MELTING FURNACE: Made of beech material simple and beautiful, with concave design of the bottom can move easily without no worry about the candle running position
  • 2PCS COLORING PEN: Gold and silver are the common classic colors. You can add colors to the wax seals to make the pattern more high light and unique
  • HEART SHAPE TEA CANDLE: Doing the sealing wax stamp itself is a very creative and enjoyful thing, light the heart shape candle will add more romantic atmosphere to make a special mood
8PCS Wax Seal Warmer Melting Spoon Kit
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