Craspire DIY Project--How To Make Macaron Wax Seal Stamps


Hello, my dear friends, welcome to Craspire project. Today we are going to share how to make macaron wax seal stamp crafts with 25mm wax seal stamp head. In this tutorial, we use a unicorn pattern. Read more and start with Craspire!

Supplies Needed for This Project:

Wax beads metal melting furnace

Marble pattern ceramic wax seal mat

Mixed color Octagon Sealing Wax Beads

Sky Blue Pear Wood Handle

Unicorn Wax Seal Stamp

Melting spoon


Step 1: Melting wax beads

1. First prepare a lighter and candle, and light the candle.

2. Place the melting furnace on the lit candle. This step needs to be careful.

3. Pick several colors of wax beads and melt them with a spoon. You can choose the color you like. The blogger chose a mixture of pink, white, blue and light yellow.

4. Quietly wait a few seconds for the wax beads to melt completely. Be sure not to stir the wax to prevent the color of the wax from mixing up.

Step 2: Complete a stamp

1. While waiting for the wax to melt, we can assemble the stamp.

2. Pour the melted wax beads evenly on the ceramic wax seal mat to form a circle.

3. Press the spliced seal stamp on the wax, and try to choose it in the middle.

4. A lovely macaron stamp is complete. Is it very simple? Now such a lovely macaron wax seal stamp is Are you also excited as me?

The blogger tried other colors to make the stamp, which is really fantastic when put together.

The blogger tried other mixed colors to make the stamp, which is really fantastic when put together. Do you want to get a cute macaron wax seal stamp?  Hurry up and act! If you have a new idea, you can also use comments to tell us.

Thank you for watching! A hug from Craspire.

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