Hey! Nice to meet you in CRASPIRE. Here we are. I want to share with you a story.


She was elegant and in the prime of her life. She would look forward to letters from afar every day, shy and passionate. The man who wrote to her would kindly call her nickname in the letter, and tell her all the recent stories in detail. He was romantic and good at painting. He always added some pretty images on letters, which made them unique. The words with vivid decorations, as if enchanted, made her captivated to read them over and over again.


At that time, there were not as many old photos as letters. She collected every letter carefully. The letters are still complete and well-protected even for more than 60 years, just like the love between them.


The couple in this story are my grandfather and grandmother. The old time, slowly as it passed by, seemed not to trouble them at all. Far away as the roads were, the long and wonderful life had been recorded in stacks of letters.


When I was in primary school, I always felt my school days were as longer as half a century. But unconsciously, time is like turning on an accelerator and passes by even in the blink of an eye. With the rapid development of modern society, we have become very busy in quickly searching for the information we want from mobile devices. Perhaps we should still remember that letters are still there quietly with us.


When I found the treasure letters on my grandma’s room, an idea came into my mind. Why not  keep these unique moments forever? How about using a wax seal stamp to memorize each letter with a unique pattern? I told my grandma about my idea and she encouraged me to get started. Inspired by her love story, I designed my first clock wax seal pattern, as you can see on my CRASPIRE logo. Fast as time flies, the moments are kept in our heart.


I believe every letter has a story. The beautiful memories should be sealed in letters, and wait to be opened with hope and love. That's why I founded CRASPIRE. I hope that time flies slower, and people can experience the charm of waiting when they greet each other with letters. This is the story of my grandfather and grandmother. How about yours?

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