Want To Use Wax Stamps And Seals? Here Are Some Great Crafty Ideas



Vintage styling with a dash of chic can make anything look great. From the home interiors to the books, vintage has a great feel and authenticity to it. Nowadays, people love to do something different and out of the box. That is the reason why wax seals have come back into the game. When royal families and courts use to send letters and summons, they use to seal the envelope with wax seals in the old days. These seals use to have the sign and impression of the court and the royal house.


Well, those days are gone. But, the culture of making wax seals has somehow seeped back into the 21st century. Many people like to use wax seals to seal their invitation envelopes and greeting cards. But, is that it? Are these seals only to be used for sealing invitations? Nope, they can be used in various ways, like:

  • Table napkins

Yes, one can use these wax seals on the table napkins. Take a ribbon, tie it around the napkin and place the wax seal on it. The person will open the napkin by breaking the seal. No, doubt this will make any dinner or lunch party way more classic and stylish in its way.

  • Seal the gift

Gift wrapping when the festive season is near is also something that many like to delve into. From choosing a great wrapping paper to making their wrapping paper and using small ribbons and elements, people like to spend their wrapping gifts. Why not make these gifts more fun and vintage looking? Simply add wax seals on the gift wrapping, to make it more good looking.

  • Bouquets

People like to give flowers to their loved ones on some special day and sometimes, just like that, to show appreciation. Those who want to add some special element to the bouquet can then use their personalized wax stamp. They can be used to make a seal and then be added on the flower bouquet. It can be quite easy if the flowers are wrapped in any paper wrap or some stylish plastic wrap from the stem.

  • Baking

Yes, one can use these wax stamps for baking too. For those who want some style and personalization to their baked goods, wax stamps can be quite fun to use. One can use these stamps on the cookies after baking them. Or one can make chocolate coins using these stamps by placing them on the melted chocolate. These coins then can be placed on cupcakes, cakes, and baking good decoration. Without any doubt, these stamps are quite versatile when it comes to giving a personalized touch to baked goods and items.

  • Personalized

Those who have the habit of gifting small knick-knack to their friends and families can simply buy a personalized wax stamp and use the same to seal the gifts. These stamps can be used on greeting cards, wine bottles, stationary like diaries and journals, etc. It is all about how creative one can be with these wax stamps.

Resource box

Wax stamps are quite crafted friendly these days. If you want to add some fun to the invitation cards, choose Craspire stationery. Also, for those who want to give gifts and make nature-loving greeting cards, then using the Craspire plant wax seal stamps can be pretty fun too. 

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