Craspire DIY Project--How To Make Pearl Sequins Wax Seal Stamps


Hello, my dear friends, welcome to Craspire project. Today we are going to share how to make pearl sequins wax seal stamp crafts with 25mm wax seal stamp head. In this tutorial, we use a cherry blossoms pattern. Read more and start with Craspire!

Supplies Needed for This Project:

Cherry blossoms wax seal stamp

Peru painted iron wax furnace

Marble pattern ceramic wax seal mat

Sealing wax beads

Tealight candle

Melting spoon

Color sequins



Production Steps

1.Get all the tools ready. Put the wax beads in a spoon and wait a few seconds for it to heat and melt.

2.Pour the melted wax on the ceramic wax seal mat. In this process, we need to be careful so that the melted wax can form a standard point circle.

3.Add sequins of your favorite shape, and bloggers add colored stars. This will make the pattern very beautiful and full of fantasy.

4.Press the assembled stamp on the melted wax, wait a few seconds, and a very beautiful color sequins stamp is formed.

The color sequin stamp is finished. Is it very simple? If you like it, act quickly.

We can choose a variety of colors of wax beads to make stamps of different colors, and we can also choose the stamp heads we like. We can use seals to decorate gifts for friends, or to decorate invitations. If you have a new idea, you can also use comments to tell us.

Thank you for watching! A hug from Craspire.

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